Official address on the occasion of the Day of the Bulgarian Railway Employee


Happy Railway Employee Day, dear colleagues!

Since the mid-20th century till now, the Day of the Bulgarian Railway Employee has been celebrated on the first Sunday of August. The choice of this date is related to the fact that the railway line Tsaribrod-Sofia-Belovo was opened for international services in the beginning of August 1888, and at the same time the State bought out the line Rousse-Varna and started train operations. It was at this moment that Bulgarian State Railways were established.


The celebration of the Day of the Bulgarian Railway Employee not only helps raise the professional dignity of railway personnel, but it also serves as recognition for their everyday, diligent work.


The contemporary Bulgarian railway employee possesses the eternal virtues of railwaymen, such as diligence, honesty and discipline. They are the people who breathe life into the machines and maintain the very pulse of the railways.


Every day, Bulgarian trains run along the railway lines in our country thanks to the united (and often invisible for the general public) efforts of the thousands of employees of the national railway carrier. I am convinced that Bulgarian Railways will meet with dignity all challenges thanks to their greatest advantage the people!


I am proud to be a member of the railway community and believe that the same feeling is shared by all colleagues who regard the railways as a way of life! I extend to all Bulgarian Railway employees my wishes for health, assurance, creative spirit, failure-proof work and dedication to the profession!

Oleg PETKOV, M.Eng.Sc.

Executive Director Bulgarian State Railways EAD

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