Geismar: french experience and tradition in railway infrastructure engineering and maintenance

The first official contracts between GEISMAR and the Bulgarian Government date back to 1974. For over thirty years, our national railways have considered the trademark GEISMAR as a synonym of high-quality products and services.

For the needs of the National Railway Infrastructure Company GEISMAR has delivered equipment for track renovation as well as 15 specialised trainsets for catenary line inspection and revision.

On the basis of its experience, accumulated over the course of years, and the stable positions on both international and Bulgarian market, today GEISMAR intends to participate in projects for the reconstruction and upgrading of catenary line. This participation will be in the form of provision of financial credit, engineering services and technical assistance.

As some of the railway lines in the country are located outside the Pan-European corridors, their reconstruction can be funded only by credits, which GEISMAR is committed to ensure. The intentions of the French company are to provide the full engineering for the projects, including design, delivery and installation, provision of spare parts, joint monitoring, supervision, servicing and submission of documentation.

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