STRAIL systems – all-embracing solutions for level crossings


Even before the official accession of our country into the European Union, some leading Western companies showed interest in the growing railway market in Bulgaria. The more courageous ones withstood the often unfavourable conditions – not without the assistance of their Bulgarian representatives – and regard with much stronger optimism the prospects for joint business, not only with private companies but with state-owned firms and organisations. A good example of such cooperation is the German group Kraiburg (a holding structure, established in 1947, owner of the universally-known STRAIL systems) and their representatives in our country “STRAIL Bulgaria and Relastek”. On 8th February, the products of the Kraiburg group and in particular their STRAIL systems, such as upper covering for railway level crossings and systems for noise, electrical and vibration insulation, were presented at Sredets Hall of the Sofia Sheraton Hotel. Mr Walter Gruber, representative for Eastern Europe, presented the business activities of the company in Europe and Bulgaria, as well as the particular products offered by the Bulgarian representative’s office. He pointed out that 95% of STRAIL products are made from recycled materials, some of which originate in our country.


In his presentation, Mr Gruber underlined the fact that the main principles of the company are speed, security and reliability of order execution. According to him, the Bulgarian infrastructure will continue to require high-quality products in the future as well and he expressed his firm belief that the quality features and advantages of these products will continue to be highly appreciated in Bulgaria. Naturally, the company will place bids in forthcoming tenders. In this respect it has accumulated sufficient experience, especially in Eastern Europe where conditions are quite specific. Relations with all parties involved should be put on a fair basis and the aim is to provide high quality and service. In its turn, the company also expects its contractors to respect the agreed financial conditions. It is necessary that all partners should be satisfied. Mr Gruber considers loyalty as the key to the company’s success and looks forward to positive common business in Bulgaria.


In his turn, Mr Thomas Wiescholek from the “Development” department in STRAILastic presented the company activities in the sphere of noise, electrical and vibration insulation of railway lines. The elastic profiles for the permanent way, offered by STRAILastic, are all-embracing solutions for insulation and noise reduction. They are of still greater importance for our country in the light of European directives for transport environmental impact as a whole and noise emissions in particular (Directive 2002/49/CE). Bulgaria will have to comply with these requirements from now on.


According to Mrs Milena Garkova – manager of “STRAIL Bulgaria and Relastek”, the Bulgarians seek products with European quality. Another advantage comes from the fact that European funds will be open for projects in the sphere of Bulgarian infrastructure. In all other Eastern European countries, where the Kraiburg group has opened representative offices, the modernisation of railway level crossings is funded from the European development funds. But in Bulgaria these projects are implemented with funds provided by the Bulgarian Government (through NRIC) and due to its will to ensure the European development of national infrastructure. Mrs Garkova expressed the hope that the presentation has acquainted the transport sector experts and the decision-makers in Sofia Municipality with the latest developments in noise, electrical and vibration insulation of tramway lines. Hitherto the company has implemented over 50 projects on the territory of Bulgaria.

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