International forum on transport issues

Gergana SIMOVA

The 15th international scientific conference ‘Transport 2005’ was held on 10th-11th November 2005 in the High Transport School ‘Todor Kableshkov’ and attracted extremely high interest. As a result of long-lasting and useful cooperation between the High Transport School and similar foreign educational institutions, since 1988 the organisation of such scientific conferences has become an annual tradition. This year, the forum was attended by representatives of the following foreign bodies: the High Railway School in Belgrade and the Machine University Department in Kralevo (Serbia and Montenegro), the Institute for Navigation and Satellite Geodesy in Graz (Austria), the Railway School of Slovakia, the Byelorussian National Technical University, Moscow State University for Railway Transport, Petersburg State University for Railway Transport (Russia) and the University in Pardubice (Czech Republic).

The conference was opened by the rector of the High Transport School ‘Todor Kableshkov’, Assistant Professor Nencho Nenov, Ph.Eng.D. On behalf of the Minister of Transport, Petar Mutafchiev, a welcoming address was presented by his counsellor Vasil Rangelov, M.Eng.Sc.

Among the reports, delivered during the conference, were those of Dr. Honoris causa Bernhardt Hofmann-Wellenhof from the Institute for Navigation and Satellite Geodesy, who presented the latest developments in the application of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in railway transport; Hartwig Lankow, M.Eng.Sc., from Siemens AG and Peter Hufschmied, Ph.Eng.D, and Ivan Levkov, M.Eng.Sc., who represented Emch+Berger AG from Bern, Switzerland. The topics of the latter were the largest infrastructure projects in Switzerland.

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