Christmas address of the Executive Director of BDZ EAD

Dear railway colleagues,

Traditionally, on the eve of the bright Christmas season and of the New Year, we examine those events from professional and personal points of view, which have endowed the current year with its unique pattern!

This year put heavy obstacles in front of all of us who work for BDZ EAD. Nevertheless, in collaboration with our colleagues from the National Railway Infrastructure Company we showed to society that when we perform our work with due responsibility and a sense of duty we can overcome the damages, incurred by the natural disasters, and ensure the normal functioning of the railways in Bulgaria.

BDZ EAD is one of the largest companies in Bulgaria and each professional failure has its impact on the performance of the railway system as a whole. I am convinced that we can meet the challenges when we are united around our common objective to transform BDZ EAD into a modern railway, which has as its topmost priority the satisfaction of customer needs. Further to that, I believe that all of us can contribute to the fulfillment of this objective by means of good performance and energetic enterprise, aimed at finding efficient solutions.

I would like to extend my appreciation to all railway staff for their high professionalism in 2005 and to declare most responsibly that the management team of BDZ EAD will make the best effort to make it possible that you meet with dignity all challenges that the year 2006 will inevitably put before all of us. In spite of the difficult financial situation, with the support of the Ministry of Transport, we shall do our best to remit the salaries of Bulgarian railway workers in accordance with payment schedule.

Let me address the representative of all institutions and commercial companies, which are our collaborators, and express gratitude for the excellent partnership!

Allow me to point out that my best wishes and considerations are also extended to the colleagues from the National Railway Infrastructure Company, without whose support, contribution and professional collaboration it would have been impossible to ensure the normal functioning of BDZ EAD.

I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May your homes be filled with warmth, joy and belief in the bright future of the railways! I wish all of you much health, happiness and professional successes in 2006 and may these accompany you in the process of our integration into the European railway system! May the home of each Bulgarian railway worker be blessed with prosperity, understanding and luck!

Oleg PETKOV M. Eng. Sc.

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