“Primesped” stakes on “door-to-door” schemes

Initially Primesped was envisaged to function on a much broader range than its present activities. Gradually, the company has specialised in the sphere of forwarding, particularly railway forwarding. In the last five-six years, Primesped, which is a member of FIATA and of the National Association of Bulgarian Forwarders (NABF), became one of the top-five-largest railway forwarders in our country. Being in the market for almost five years, the company majors on one of the main requirements of the forwarding business: the priority implementation of a “door-to-door” service.

Since its first steps on the Bulgarian market, the multinational producer of Ytong blocks, chose Primesped as its forwarder. Among the other customers, Umicore – Pirdop has done the same. Due to its punctuality and correctness, Primesped is a forwarding partner of the longest specialised freight train in Europe, which currently operates three times per week over a distance exceeding 2,000 kilometres between Bulgaria and the Belgian town of Olen. Primesped has been selected as the forwarding agent for the ships which dock in Bourgas and Varna and which transport pipes for the latest extension of the pipelines to our neighbouring countries. The company’s plans for this year envisage a 10% growth in turnover.

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