Green light for the young people in the transport sector

Tsvetelina STEFANOVA

The forum “The young in the transport sector – challenges and carrier possibilities” outlined hopeful perspectives for the future experts in the sector. On 5th October 2005, the largest conference hall in the headquarters of the Scientific and Technical Union of Transport (STUT) in Sofia gathered hundreds of young hopefuls for career development. The organisers of the forum – the Scientific and Technical Union of Transport, the United Scientific and Technical Society of Young People and the National club ‘Bi-bit’ – outlined the career prospects of their young friends. The event was held under the aegis of the Minister of Transport, Mr Petar Mutafchiev.

The European transport scene is looking forward to the new generation of experts. In this context, the Chairman of the Management Board of STUT, Kiril Ermenkov, underlined that the current trends in the training and qualification of personnel in the transport sector are of particular importance.

In his welcoming speech, the minister expressed his firm belief that fruitful discussions on the training options for young transport experts in Bulgaria will have a positive impact over the competitiveness of the sector on the international transport market. He stated that the scientific potential is part of the national treasure of Bulgaria and the cooperation between specialised high-schools, scientific institutes, the Ministry of Transport and the private sector will contribute to the development of the future experts in the transport sector.

Minister Mutafchiev presented to the audience the key priorities, taken into consideration when curricula and training programmes are elaborated, such as increase of the practical bias of the training programmes, joint planning of the necessary professional capacity, coordination of curricula and training plans with representatives of the transport sector, elaboration of training programmes for young experts to ensure the continuity of knowledge from generation to generation.

In her presentation, Tatyana Vasileva from the Executive Agency ‘Railway administration’, pointed out the high quality of training courses, offered by Bulgarian educational institutions. She stated that the project ‘Railway safety and interoperability’, the aim of which is to bring the Bulgarian Railways closer to European railways, has already been launched jointly with French experts. This project envisages specialised training courses for Bulgarian experts on a number of topics. Among the latter are the training and assessment of locomotive drivers with a view to EU requirements for their professional qualifications, the training of staff of the Executive Agency ‘Railway administration’ on the development and implementation of a system for the certification of locomotive drivers, as well as of methods for the quality enhancement of freight services and the observance of the relevant technical specifications.

In her presentation, Tatyana Vasileva pointed out that the National Railway Infrastructure Company has already started the implementation of a knowledge continuity programme and the hands-on training of young experts.

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